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Where to find the best sex parties in the world

Sex parties are becoming more and more popular in the Western world. Not coincidentally, the popularity of Sex orgies is also increasing. This isn’t very surprising, as sexuality is slowly becoming a much more open topic. Because of this, many people wonder where they could travel to experience this intrigue. The lifestyle(swinger) parties and community are notoriously hard to get into. This is mostly because it can be rather hard to connect with other people that are into the same things.


1. FetLife

While FetLife isn’t a place, we felt like it needed a mention on this list. This is largely because FetLife is the best tool you can use to find other swingers and their events. FetLife is quite like a regular social network, think Instagram or Facebook, only for people that are into some kinky stuff.

It also has elements of Tinder, as your profile on it will contain a picture, a name, a bio etc. This will display what you like to the other users of the app. The best part of it is the groups and communities, where you can quickly get to know many people in the same line of fetishes as you.

2. Bangkok, Thailand

For those unaware, Bangkok has been known as the sex capital of Asia for ages. This isn’t without good reason, as the city is filled to the brim with sexual activities. Sex parties aren’t rare, and quite often include Ladyboys, which are people that at first glance appear female, but are actually men.  All night long sex raves aren’t that uncommon to find. Due to the lack of many regulations, they’re quite easy to organize. Besides that, Bangkok also offers a wide variety of other sexual events and places, such as GoGo bars.

3.Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is the most famous sex tourism spot. This is partly due to how open their culture is about sex. Prostitution is also legal. However there is no pimping and no brothels. The prostitutes set their own rates and hours. The local girls are also known for being quite promiscuous, so it’s not hard to see why many men would flock to the Dominican Republic.

4. Kenya

This is the only place on here that has an overabundance of female tourists, rather than men. Kenya has quite the reputation when it comes to men with large dicks. Women claim Kenyan men make them feel special and young. Female sex tourists even have a name in Kenya, Mzungu. In addition to this, if your fantasy has ever been to have group sex with a bunch of men, Kenya might be your ideal destination.  This is especially exemplified in the Moran tribe who, at least according to the locals, has a special circumcision technique giving them a sexual edge.


We all knew it was coming. Amsterdam is by far the most famous city in the world when it comes to sex tourism and freedom.  The capital is famous for its progressive nature, and swinger parties aren’t at all uncommon. Their stance on sex is so lax, that there is even a sex museum. Naturally, prostitution is also legal, and the famous ‘Red Lights District’ definitely has a lot of allure to many people around the world. If you’re looking for a place to have group sex and orgies, as well as feel sexually liberated, then Amsterdam might be the right spot for you.