From Brazil to Nigeria, we’ve compiled a list of the best destinations for the naughty nomad. Some will surprise you!


We can’t speak about the likelihood of you actually getting laid here, but if you do, it’ll be the experience of a lifetime. Brazilian girls have amazing bodies with curves in all the right places. What’s more, four out of five have sex at least once every few days.


This may come as a surprise, but Nigerians are actually one of the most sexually satisfied peoples in the world! Interestingly, two-thirds of the women in this country admit to cheating.


Italy is a traditional destination for those wanting to experience one of life’s greatest pleasures. Italian women are very sensitive and always yearning for gentle love. Italian men, on the other hand, have the reputation of being a bit brief and to the point when it comes to the sack, so bet on your foreign charm and give the girls what they’re missing.


Sexy Spain is famous for its nude beaches and dances, and Spaniards are a lustful nation (deep down, they’re Catholic after all. Same goes for Italians). A recent study showed almost 100% of Spanish people were sexually satisfied.

Spanish women tend to have sex more frequently in relationships. Your location makes a big difference. Catholicism has a strong hold on women in smaller towns, making your chances slim to none. Touristy places like Madrid and Barcelona are a much better option.


This is another surprising entry on our list. What makes the Swiss such great lovers is how open they are. Nothing even remotely sex-related is taboo here.


The Greeks still love sex as much as they did before Christianity. This sunny country with its refreshing diet of delicious seafood and vegetables is home to hordes of lustful women.


Like Italians and Spaniards, Mexicans are Catholic, but they can be quite immodest and hot-blooded. As a foreigner, especially an American, you’re sure to get lucky here. Mexican men can be very old-fashioned and unwilling to experiment in bed – keep that in mind. As an open-minded Western man, you will have a lot going for you.


Almost 90% of Russian women, who are among the most beautiful in the world, have sex at least once a week. Russians have very strong sex drives. On a totally unrelated note, don’t overdo it with the vodka!

Are you planning on visiting one of these destinations with the advent of spring in the Northern Hemisphere? We wish you good luck!