We’ve developed an itinerary for you if you’re planning on going on a party trip in Europe this spring or summer. Here are the best club and bar cities in the Old World, most of which are less expensive and all of which are more fun than Ibiza and London.


The world epicenter of techno has a lot going for it in this regard, even though techno is far from the only music you will hear here. The German capital’s party scene is young and international. Be sure to visit Berghain, the most spectacular and exclusive night club, or go to an outdoor party in summer.


The Dutch capital’s lively, wild club scene is drawing attention away from the coffee shops. That’s no surprise considering it’s home to trance artists like Tiësto and Armin van Buuren. Clubs are rife with house and techno, but also rap and pop.


Madrid has triumphed over Barcelona as the Spanish party capital. One of the best bar neighborhoods is La Latina. Early birds aren’t welcome in Madrid – most parties don’t start before 1 am.


Budapest’s mineral baths make it a unique party destination. They offer a combination of partying and spa tourism. The spa parties are usually at the weekend. There is an amazing ruin bar scene as well.


OK, this entry is no surprise. What you don’t know is that the bar scene can be expensive. Locals usually warm up with a few shots at home or a friend’s place before heading out for a night on the town. Stureplan is the best joint to find like-minded, gorgeous young partygoers.


Most Eastern European capitals are fun to go clubbing in, but the Serbian capital takes the cake. One reason is their unique floating clubs. The bars are epic and cheap, and Serbs are really fun and friendly.


The poor man’s alternative to Stockholm! We advise tourists not to be gullible so if a Polish person challenges you to a drinking competition, walk away, man.

Mykonos Island

The wild Greek island is home to ceaseless parties. Dancing and drinking continue into the early hours. You’ll never regret coming to this lively, beautiful place.


Like Belgrade and Warsaw, the Czech capital is very affordable. It has very beautiful historical attractions too, ensuring you get to party in style. Never miss the beers when you come here. There are thousands of excellent beers in the Czech Republic!

Thank you for checking out our list of the best European cities to party in. We wish you lots of fun – and luck!